Personalised Microfibre Beach Towels

These Large Personalised Microfibre towel are 180cm X 78cm and they come in the latest miracle microfibre fabric. They are set to take the industry by storm as they are super lightweight making them ideal for your gym bag or luggage and they dry you three times faster than cotton. We hand make these towels so you can have the colour of your choice and personalise the text on all the designs. You will get a towel that is perfect and unique to you.

62 Products
Set Descending Direction
  1. Ditsy Floral Beach Towel
  2. Banana Leaf Beach Towel
  3. Palm Leaf Beach Towel
  4. Animal Print Beach Towel
  5. Moroccan Tile Beach Towel
  6. Seahorse And Shell Beach Towel
  7. Ombre Palm Beach Towel
  8. Gingham Floral Beach Towel
  9. Blocks Beach Towel
  10. Heavy White Stripes Beach Towel
  11. Heavy Double Stripes Beach Towel
  12. White Stripes Beach Towel
62 Products
Set Descending Direction