Personalised Birthday Gifts

Are you looking for something special as a Birthday Gift or Birthday Present for an up and coming birthday ? Here at Tinker Tailor we have a stunning range of personalised designs that can be applied to the product of your choice and then personalised. This means your will be able to offer a Personalised Birthday Gift that is special and will mean something to both of you. We have made sure there is something available for people of all ages, so you will find something perfect in no time!   

109 Products
Set Descending Direction
  1. Frenchie
  2. Tophat Frenchie Cushion
  3. Her Feline Majesty Cushion
  4. Sausage Dogs Blue Party
  5. Three Sausage Dogs At The Party Cushion
  6. Two Bunnies At The Party Cushion
  7. Party Pups Cushion
  8. One in a Melon Cushion
  9. Mancave Cushion
  10. Sleeping Fox Cushion
  11. Cranes Cushion
  12. Year Of The Horse Cushion
109 Products
Set Descending Direction